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Parent & Family Engagement

Parent & Family Engagement

Parent and family involvement in student learning and activities contributes to a student’s success in school. As the first and most important educators of a child, a parent’s engagement is fundamental to student achievement of academic goals. Valley School District views the education of our children as a cooperative effort between schools, parents or guardians, and the community. School principals, teachers, and staff will reach out to, communicate with, and engage families as equal partners in various ways throughout the school year. Watch for information about classroom learning and extracurricular activities, as these provide wonderful opportunities for parent and family participation and will foster positive relationships between students, families, schools and community. We encourage you to be involved in your child’s learning activities!

Parents and guardians are invited to join the district-wide Family Engagement Committee (FEC), which meets monthly during the school year. The FEC provides a meaningful way for school staff and family members to strengthen partnerships, build understanding of the role each plays in the academic and social development of students, and be engaged in school practices and policies. For more information, contact FEC Coordinator Candace Harris at (509) 937-2638.

4130-Title I Parent and Family Engagement

4130P1-Title I Parent and Family Engagement