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District Vision

District Vision Statement

“Where every student becomes a lifelong learner”

The Valley School District Board of Directors established the District Vision in June 2021. Developing a vision for the district is one area of focus in the overall District Continuous Improvement Plan undertaken by the District Leadership Team.

The anticipated impacts of fully realizing the Vision are:

  • Every student knows they are valued
  • Every student reaches their full potential
  • Every student is empowered to be a productive citizen

The District Leadership Team is exploring the Roadmap to the Vision, which provides a directional pathway for realizing the Vision. The Roadmap is a living document that may be modified as long as it carries the spirit of the mile markers that better explain what 'lifelong learning' means. The District Leadership Team's journey on the road to actualizing the Vision happens through continuous improvement processes and staff workgroups using the Langford Quality Learning framework and tools.

Roadmap to the Vision