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Highly Capable

Program for Highly Capable Students

If you know a student who demonstrates advanced achievement, aptitude, or potential in academic and creative areas, please recommend him or her for inclusion in the Highly Capable Program. This unique program helps students develop their special abilities. It serves students in the Valley School, Paideia High School and Columbia Virtual Academy who exhibit special learning characteristics such as:

  • unusual depth of understanding and retention
  • creative, abstract or complex thinking and problem-solving
  • excelling in science, history, writing, mathematics, and/or the fine arts
  • the ability to learn very quickly

Student referrals may come from parents, community members, teachers, and other school staff anytime during the school year. Click on the link below to print and complete a Highly Capable Referral form or pick one up at your school's main office. Referral for the program does not guarantee enrollment.

     Mail -

     Highly Capable Program Coordinator
     Valley School District
     3030 Huffman Road
     Valley, WA 99181
     In Person -
     District Office
     3030 Huffman Road
     Valley, WA 99181
     By Email - 
     Highly Capable Program Coordinator
     T.O. Bakken

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please contact:
(509) 640-6880